Feel like you need more time sometimes? Ever thought what it would be like to buy time? timen = inspiration is an online experience where people can buy time- with a twist. You can shop for time to add to your continuum or take a leap into multiple parallel experiences of time. You can choose from items like “if only” time that allows you to go back and do all the things you would have if you only could have…. while you are also here in the present. You can also simply add an Nth hour to your day, or purchase immortality. Take your pick… and we’ll give you a special price all your own.


Our social and economic structures require that we sell our time in order to buy time for our life. Shopping for time confronts us with how we value time, what it would feel like to be a human being that is no longer time-limited, and with the socioeconomic norms that equate time with money. The time^n = inspiration^2 experience allows people to choose how to acquire time. They have two choices: the “old-fashioned” way by consuming human-extensions such as the timesaving devices currently available on the market or the “new and improved” way by consuming asynchronous time. When you choose to save time through consumerism you are acquiring one dimensional time (t1). When acquiring asynchronous time you are consuming multidimensional time (tn). We offer both experiences online.


Since your shopping spree for time is uniquely tailored to the alter ego that you create, you can return several times and ponder these questions as various identities, with differing opportunity costs associated with each life. Opportunity cost is an economic concept that directly equates time to money in human terms. We usually do not think about this, but each of us is used in these kinds of calculations that express the value of our life’s time as a cost per hour.


We are also asking you to imagine what it would be like if you could hold your consciousness in various dimensions at once. Is this something that enhances our human experience? Do we even want this? Would it be worth it to us no matter what the price or is there a point where more time and parallel experiences is not worth paying for? What if you had unlimited financial resources and could buy immortality, is this truly appealing? What would be the ramifications for the human psyche?