Exhibitions & Events

  • West R Johnson S. (2017) ATLAS in silico Museum of Old and New Art’s MOFO 2017 (invited exhibition / interactive installation)


  • West R Yeh I Johnson S. (2016) ATLAS in silico 9e2 Seattle (invited exhibition / interactive installation)


  • West R Margolis T Mostafavi I Lewis JP Gossmann J Hackbarth B Horn AS Fernald S Schulze J Li W Henthorn T Yamada T Singh R Chheng T Cassey T Lien J. (2007) ATLAS in silico ACM SIGGRAPH 2007 Art Gallery (Invited exhibition / Interactive installation)


  • West R Burke J Mendelowitz E Lewis JP Kerfled C. (2006) ACTG to Calligraphy: Genetic Visualization for Ecce Homology. IEEE Information Visualization – Conference Compendium (Peer reviewed exhibition/Conference presentation)


  • West R Burke J Kerfeld C Mendelowitz E Holton T Lewis JP Drucker E Yan W Lamont S Lee D McQuade L. (2005) Ecce Homology. Exhibited at SIGGRAPH 2005 Emerging Technologies. (Peer reviewed exhibition/Interactive installation)


  • Kosaka H Oguri Birnbaum N West R Burke J Kerfeld C Mendelowitz E Holton T. Lewis JP Drucker E Yan W. (2003) Muddy Robe. UCLA Fowler Museum. (Invited Performance)


  • West R Burke J Kerfeld C Mendelowitz E Holton T. Lewis JP Drucker E Yan W. (2003) Ecce Homology. Exhibited within From the Verandah: Art Buddhism Presence. UCLA Fowler Museum. (Invited Exhibition/Interactive installation.)


  • West R. (2002) The Trajectory of Forgetting. MFA Exhibition. UCLA New Wight Gallery Los Angeles (Interactive installation.)
  • West R. (2002) Stars. (Interactive installation.) Time Forms Exhibition. CRCA/UCSD La Jolla California April 20 ñ 21. (Group Exhibition).


  • West R Tributh I. (2001) timen = inspiration2. (Net artwork). Fusion 01. Los Angeles Weimar Sydney June 7 ñ 10. (Group exhibition)


  • West R (2001) Light. (Video installation) A Portrayal of Women: Different Mediums Contemporary. UCLA Honors Collegium May 30. (Group Exhibition)


  • West R. (2001) Twelve Blue. Los Angeles California (Commissioned private installation).


  • West R. (2000) The Gift. Santa Barbara California (Commissioned private installation).


  • West R. (1999) 20th Anniversary Group Exhibition – The Rose Venice California. (Invited exhibition)


  • West R. (1998) Seeing as Touch – The Rose Venice California. (Invited exhibition)

News & Presentations

  • Bonding with Bots: The Art + Science of Human-Robot Interaction Host of the North Texas LASER
    Denton Texas
    October 6 2016


  • Data Is the New Paint Panelist at The Dallas Museum of Art’s State of the Arts
    Dallas Texas
    September 29 2016


  • Visions of the Virtual Keynote Speaker at GameFest 2016 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Troy New York
    April 29-30 2016






  • Art + Science Collaboration Across Cultures
    Inveresk Design Lecture
    Creative Exchange Institute Visiting Scholar
    University of Tasmania Launceston Australia
    July 24 2015


  • ACM SIGGRAPH 2015 Art Papers Jury Member
    Selected papers to be published in a special issue of Leonardo the journal of The International Society of the Arts Sciences and Technology.
    July 2015


  • Cross-Resonance in the Arts and Sciences
    Public Lecture
    Places and Spaces 10th Anniversary Exhibition
    University of Miami Florida.
    November 13 2014


  • DataRemix: Have we all become information DJs?
    Plenary lecture
    VINCI: 7th International Symposium on Visual Information Communication and Interaction
    CSIRO Sydney Australia
    August 8 2014


  • Rethinking Imagination Innovation Knowledge
    Distinguished lecture
    ATLAS Institute University of Colorado-Boulder
    April 14 2014


  • DataRemix: Have we all become information DJs?
    Big Data Hackathon
    Microsoft Technology Center Irving TX
    March 29 2014


  • Art-Science: Practice as Research
    University of Western Australia
    February 18 2014


  • From Genetic Calligraphy to Scalable Auditory Data Signatures
    University of Technology Sydney
    February 21 2014


  • DataRemix: Have we all become information DJs?
    University of Tasmania Hobart Australia
    February 10 2014


  • ArtScience: Rethinking Imagination Innovation Knowledge
    UNT System Building Open House & Ribbon Cutting Dallas TX
    December 4 2013


  • Designing the DataMade
    Dallas Contemporary Museum
    October 30 2013


  • ArtScience and Data-Driven Experiences
    Oregon State University
    October 24 2013


  • ArtScience and Aesthetic Approaches to Multidimensional Data
    Seminar UNT Computer Science
    September 30 2013


  • ArtScience Research
    New Media Graduate Seminar UNT CVAD
    September 11 2013


  • From Genetic Calligraphy to Scalable Auditory Data Signatures
    Texas Advanced Computing Center Austin TX
    August 23 2013


  • Aesthetic Approaches to Multidimensional Data
    Day 3 Summit: Microsoft Faculty Research Summit
    University of Washington Seattle WA
    July 17 2013


  • Advocacy for ArtScience Research and Creative Work
    SEAD Smithsonian Washington DC
    May 16 2013


  • Art Science and Immersion
    Big Tent Digital Humanities Event UNT
    April 19 2013


  • Multidimensional Data-Spaces to Personal Data Streams
    UT Dallas – ARS Research Colloquium
    March 27 2013


  • ArtScience and Data-Driven Experiences
    iSchools Conference 2013
    February 14 2013


  • Crisis of Representation: The Digitization of Nature and Culture
    University of North Texas
    April 16 2012 (Invited talk)


  • Mobile + CO2 + U =?
    SANDCHI San Diego CHI
    January 18 2012 (Invited talk)


  • Art-Science: What does it look like?
    Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts UCSD.
    April 13 2011 (Invited lecture)


  • Sensate Abstraction
    School of Interactive Arts and Technology Simon Fraser University Vancouver BC.
    February 1 2010 (Invited talk)


  • PEIR The Personal Environmental Impact Report and Go Green Foundation Pilot
    SCAQMD Conference – New Perspectives on Community Health and Air Quality
    July 24 2009 (Invited talk)


  • From Data Abstraction To Sensate Abstraction
    Media Arts and Technology UC Santa Barbara
    March 12 2009 (Invited lecture)


  • Data Expressionism and Data Surrealism
    Visual Arts Department California State University Long Beach
    February 18 2009 (Invited lecture and graduate studio visits)


  • Massive Multidimensional Data Spaces to Personal Data Streams
    College of Informatics Northern Kentucky University
    February 3 2009 (Invited lecture)


  • Sensate Abstraction
    USC Cinematic Arts and Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies
    September 13 – 15 2008 (Invited lecture)


  • Extreme Scales and Multi-Resonance
    Remix: From Science to Art and Back in the Digital Age: June 3 2008: Presented as part of The Berkeley New Media Arts Festival and Berkeley Big Bang 2008 (Invited Lecture)


  • Science: What’s Art Got To Do With It?
    Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis IN
    March 29 2006 (Invited Lecture)


  • Blending Art and Science
    SXTH 20: Freshman Honors Seminar
    University of California San Diego March 2 2005 (Invited lecture)


  • High-Dimensional Information Visualization
    Digital Imaging and Interactivity/ICAM 101
    University of California San Diego February 23 2005 (Invited lecture)


  • In silico v1.0: Ecce Homology
    Center for Research in Computing and the Arts/Visual Arts Department
    University of California San Diego May 4 2004 (Invited lecture)


  • In silico v1: Ecce Homology
    R. West J. Burke C. Kerfeld E. Mendelowitz JP Lewis T. Holton E. Drucker W. Yan 040404 Plasmatica // The Unfolding Of New Structures In Old Spaces
    The Department of Art Practice UC Berkeley UC Darnet Conference April 4 2004 (Invited lecture)


  • Cyberspace: A Workshop on Playing Gaming and Learning
    University of California Los Angeles
    January 23 2004 (Invited lecture)


  • Informatics Tools for Scientific Discovery and Collaboration
    University of Illinois at Chicago
    September 3-5 2003 (Invited lecture)


  • Carbon Versus Silicon: Thinking Small/ Thinking Fast
    Banff New Media Institute The Banff Center
    August 7 – 10 2003 (Invited lecture)


  • Working with Wetware
    Darwin Centre Natural History Museum London UK
    Arts Catalyst UK June 20 2003 (Invited lecture)


  • In Our Image: Extreme Genetics
    May 12 2002 (Presenter and panel moderator)


  • Genetics and Culture
    s.i.n.a.p.s.e. & UCLA Design|Media Arts
    March 8 2002 (Panel Respondent)